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Rise Above: Create the Abundant life You Desire - By Denise Beaupre“Do you have the courage to live the life you really want? Do you feel worthy of being successful and happy?

Those are the first two sentences in the Introduction to Denise Beaupré’s first book, Rise Above. As someone who is venturing through some new endeavors, I had to stop and think about these two questions seriously. Do I really have the courage to pursue my dreams? Am I really worthy of that success? All I can come up with is –why shouldn’t I be worthy of that success?

In reading further, Denise pinpoints why we fear success – judgment, ridicule, peer pressure. How many times have we told family and friends that we want to set out on a dream only to have someone throw a couple of sarcastic comments at us, a roll of the eyes, a snicker or two? It holds us back and sometimes breaks our confidence enough to end our dream.

This is something I faced when I shared with some friends that I wanted to start writing blogs. There was a roll of the eyes, there was judgment and there was – “oh, another blog.” Did these comments hold me back? Yes, actually they did, for six months. And then I started working with Denise and with the full support of my family, who at the end of the day are the only people who matter, I created my website and started blogging. Scary as it was, I’m so glad I finally faced those judgments and started blogging because I quickly realized that those people who make the comments, the snickers, the roll of the eyes just don’t matter.

As Denise says, and I firmly believe, everything happens for a reason. Something has brought you to this book, to this blog, to the next step in reaching your dreams. And this book, falling into my hands, being asked to write about it and stepping out of my comfort zone to share my own experiences happened for a reason too. In the coming weeks follow along with my posts as I continue to blog about Rise Above and show you how Denise can help you reach your dreams too.

–Katrina Henderson

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