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What do you see when you look at this picture?  Is it just an empty space, is it a puzzle with an underlying meaning or is it a blank canvas waiting for you to create the life you desire?  The truth is, this box is whatever you choose it to be.

I participated in a 2-day workshop that Denise was hosting and the first thing she did was give everyone a blank canvas. Yep, a literal blank canvas.  The reactions in the room ranged from “I’m not an artist” to “I don’t want to ruin this” to “Can someone else draw on it for me?”  Looking back, it’s funny to think of the panic that came across everyone when we were handed a blank canvas and asked to create a picture of the life we dream of. It seems so silly to think that creating a drawing of the life you want was also creating fear and panic.  But why? Was it because we get so comfortable in where we are that we don’t look beyond the present or is it that we become so complacent that we feel we’ve reached enough goals and just don’t push for the extras?

In Rise Above, Denise explains what three options we could do with the blank canvas and the relevance of each on our lives.  You could leave it blank and ask yourself if you are walking away from the dreams you desire.  Or you could let someone else paint it and watch your opportunities slip by.  Or, you could jump in and paint it yourself and achieve the dreams you desire.

Working with Denise released the fear and allowed us all to not be afraid of the life we want.  Each person in that workshop turned their blank canvas into a masterpiece of one goal they wanted to achieve in the coming year.  And each person left that workshop with the confidence and desire to know they could reach any goal they want to achieve.

— Katrina Henderson

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