My Journey to Blogging – Beyond Mediocre

A series of blog posts on Denise Beaupre’s first book, Rise Above.

Merriam – Webster dictionary defines mediocre as of moderate or low quality, value, ability or performance.

We go through life thinking mediocre is fine, that you are living at an even keel, that it’s neither good nor bad.  So, does it seem harsh that the meaning of mediocre is to be of moderate or low quality?  What does that mean to you?  Are you ok being mediocre?  Or do you want more?

When Denise talked to me about mediocrity it is something that I just couldn’t wrap my head around.  Every time I was frustrated with a situation she would say you are no longer accepting mediocrity.  I was perplexed with what that actually meant and then one day it finally clicked.  I had come to a point where I no longer expected anything more than mediocre from people.  People continued to show me that their abilities were at a mediocre level and I accepted that.  And when I started working at bettering myself, it became clear that I didn’t want to settle for mediocre.

In Rise Above, Denise Beaupre uses the example that if businesses remain mediocre they risk the opportunity to advance, grow and ultimately succeed.   Businesses like Amazon, for example, keep up with the electronic era.  They offer online shopping, free delivery and continue to increase their product line to compete with other business and refrain from remaining mediocre.

It’s not only large businesses that can prevent mediocrity from stopping them, but small businesses can also as well.  A local bakery, Red Knot Bakery, started out at the local farmer’s market.  She then reached her goal of opening her own bakery.  She has increased the types of bread she is making, she makes a new seasonal croissant every week, she is offering homemade soup with fresh bread of course for lunch, and most recently is now able to offer coffee/cappuccino.  This is a woman who does not accept mediocre.  She knows what she needs to do to keep succeeding, and she’s doing very well at it.

If we go back to my example of accepting mediocre behavior, is that really helping anyone?  Is allowing someone to continue at a mediocre level helping them push themselves forward?  Is it helping me to accomplish my goals when someone isn’t operating beyond mediocre?  We all have to look around and find out how we can push each other beyond becoming stale and living in a mediocre state.  Denise has done great things for her business and staff to ensure they go beyond mediocrity.  In her book, she lists some common affirmations of a mediocre employee vs a leader – read through the list and see how many people around you can associate with the mediocre affirmations.  Then challenge yourself to see how you can help them push themselves to a level above mediocre.

— Katrina Henderson

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